Travel Stories: Hotel with dancing bed

Being a Traveller we stay in multiple hotels, hostels, homestay, Airbnb, dorms, villas or resorts. While Travelling hotel stay/ accommodation is the place where we create lots of memories and stories, which is worth sharing with the other travellers out there. I have travelled to lots of places and stayed in multiple hotels but while my travel journey to Malaysia’s best destination Penang Island I had a weird experience while my stay in a dorm in Penang, Malaysia.

Do you share your travel stories to the world
Do you share your travel stories to the world

Hotel in Penang

This hostel in Penang was one of the party hostel with a pool game, drinks game, table tennis, card game, and bar. I checked in at 7 pm in the hostel everything seemed fine and interesting all were having fun some of them were playing pool, some were drinking at the bar and some were having chit chat while sitting on the sofa. This time everything was normal and fascinating but the real thing started after 9 pm when the drinks game started up there were more girls and guys drinking at bar and dancing on the DJ’s awesome playlists.

I have stayed in many other places in Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur at Bukit Bintang, Langkawi at Kuah and Cenang Beach, Ipoh, and other cities in Malaysia but never had this kind of experience what I had in his hostel in Penang Island, Malaysia.

Drinking party starts at 9 pm

After 9 pm everyone were drinking, dancing and playing games and I was watching everything while sitting at bar. I am a globetrotter but also a scientist so I never drink alcohol at high quantity just couple of beers is enough for me to go to the La La land. I have two voda shots, 3 beers and was sipping the 4th one. Yeah Yeah, you guys would be thinking I just said I don’t drink much but this was because of that place I was busy enjoying and drinking. Now, after getting the enough of booz I was ready to talk to the strangers out there.

Three hours passed very fast as it was fun and people specially from Germany were very friendly, now at 12 we all went out on the road and enjoyed over there dancing, talking and drinking (only beer). This hostel was lot of fun was really awesome, it is the best place for the party animals.

Save water, Save earth by taking bath together

Extra Knowledge (Here you can bath with girls in order to save mother earth by saving water.) This is really a good way to save water and I love it suddenly I got so much hot that I took 7 to 8 showers and ofcourse I saved the water.

Went to bed – “dancing bed”

Here at 2.00 am I went to the bed, tired and thinking about my ferry to Langkawi Island which I have to catch up at 8 am. This the place which is one of the weirdest experiences in my whole Travel journey. I was lying and had 12-15 minutes of sleep and then I had a shaky feeling, my whole bed was shaking or in order words, it was dancing. NO, NO nothing is horror over here, nor any ghost story it was because of someone who was having S.E.X. in my below dorm and also people on my other side were having coitus.

Finally dancing bed stopped!

It was weird because they might have lasted for 45 to 50 minutes and I couldn’t sleep because of my dancing bed. Finally, around 3 pm they slept and everything stopped and I thanked God, went to sleep and woke up at 6 am in order to get ready to catch my Ferry to Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Ferry from Penang to Langkawi – I’m stupid not even asked her name

I was tired and was sleeping the whole time in my Ferry Journey to Langkawi Island, its a 3 hours ride from Penang Island to Langkawi Island thanks to a German girl who was sitting next to me. She was a really beautiful girl from out and within, when she saw me very sleepy she lends her shoulder to me to sleep. I can still remember the aroma of her cologne she was wearing and her soft voice. The whole journey I was just sleeping as I was super tired and just had 3 hours of sleep. Not even asked her name, such an idiot I have just thanked her and left the ferry in a hurry.

Why I left in a hurry at Langkawi Ferry’s point?

Why I left in a hurry at Langkawi Ferry’s point, I will share it in my next Travel Story – “When I fell in love at Langkawi Island and lost my bike”.

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