How to make $27,000+ in just one month as a blogger?
How to make $27,000+ in just one month as a blogger?

How to make $27,000+ in just one month as a blogger? Do you want to create a passive income? Do you want to create a second income source? You can do this part-time too.

7 steps to make money online while traveling

Nowadays making money online is easy if you have good traffic on your website then you can earn through Google Adsense. Peoples who have good traffic they make money through affiliate marketing and by selling ad space on their website or blog.

Here is an easy way to start (Making money online while traveling the world).
1. You have to create a good website or blog and keep on adding high-quality contents.
2. Use SEO to rank your keywords on search engines.
3. Use different online platforms to get engagement on your content like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.
4. Don’t copy the content, create your own piece of content – fresh and new.
5. Once you are getting enough traffic sign up for Google Adsense and create a passive income through your blog or website.
6. Engage with your audience/readers.
7. You can sign up to Infolinks, Viglink, Media. net, etc. with Google Adsense to make more money through your blog.

These 7 steps are the basic one and can be followed easily, once you have your own blog, website or e-commerce portal you also make money through affiliate marketing. There are thousands of affiliate network where you can easily sign up and start making money online through your website.

How to make money online guide for travelers/backpackers

As many people have a dream to travel around the world, some are just waiting for money, some don’t have time and some don’t have both. After this, some are those who have departed to explore the whole world (World Tour) but to keep up travel they need enough money. So, now they try to find some volunteering work while traveling to save their money. Soon when their money gets exhausted they get back home. For the travelers and backpackers here I have shared 7 steps to make money online through blogging.

There are more ways to make money online like affiliate marketing, here you just need to have traffic and followers on your social handle. Influential Marketing which is nowadays famous as many brands endorse their products by the influencers in their domain. To know more about making money online, you can just comment below in the comment section.

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