Hey Travellers,
Hope you all are exploring the world. But today I have one question for all of you.
Are you sharing your travel stories?.

Do you share your Travel Stories to the World on Google?

You are exploring countries but are you helping new travellers in gaining some details before travelling to a new place?. I know you will say, “Yes, we are sharing on our facebook or instagram handle”.

Do you think on your instagram or facebook you have enough audience to share with. I know some of you don’t want to show up your private life, I totally respect that. But you can share stories without using your personal photos instead you can use landscape pics or location photographs.

Sharing your travel stories will not only help other travellers but also to people on holidays, backpackers and world explorers.
If you guys agree with me and wanted to help other travelers to know about the place before they visit then you can share your stories on this cool travel website – https://www.budgetmeintravel.com.

This website is for the travellers by the traveller.

Prakash Jha travelling around the world #worldtour
Prakash Jha travelling around the world #worldtour

Once you share your travel stories you will be helping others and also you can get more followers on your Instagram handle. As this website is indexed on Google, Bing, Yandex search engines. People who are coming through google or bing on your story, if they like your post they will surely try to connect with you on Instagram.

Hope to see your travel stories.
Have a great day ahead.

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Once you made your mind to share your stories on the

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